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Wuhan Zhiyuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd

Wuhan Zhiyuan Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of medical devices,biological health products, medical plastic products,medical health materials, medical disinfectanes,mechanical equipment and related technical services,import and export trade.The company is located in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, with 300,000-level 100,000 level and standard workshop of nearly 500 square meters. Gathered a large number of technical innovation, technological innovation and quality control management personnel.   

  • 1996


    Factory location and business license

  • 10


    It covers an area of more than 10 mu

  • 12000

    Office area 12000m²

Wuhan Zhiyuan medical products exhibition

“Product is equal to character, quality is enterprise life”

All products are in strict accordance with the quality control process, in accordance with theGB/T19001、YY/T0287,Manufacturing according to the requirements of。

Technology strength

Company strength

◆    25 years of focus on disposable quantitative venous blood collection, disposable virus blood collection,
Blood collection needle, centrifugal tube, suction head, saliva collector, sputum cup, urine cup, stool cup and elastic bandage, etc.
◆    More than 10 fully automated production lines。
      35 sets of precision testing equipment。
◆    Class 300000 and class 100000 purification plants
◆    More than 300 employees。

Strict quality control

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  • Qualification patent

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  • Sale service

    ◆ Strong production strength, to meet the mass procurement。
    ◆ Systematic training for staff to enhance customer service awareness。

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  • Industry information

    Address:Room C3-5, Guanggu United Technopole, Gaoxin 3rd Road, Gedian Development Zone, Ezhou City

    Mobile:0086 + 186  2718  0208 

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