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Specification for receiving virus samples in sampling tube in laboratory

2021-01-12 H:54:45

1、 Specimen sign in

The transportation and receiving personnel shall sign for the specimens, and the receiving personnel shall check whether the registration form for mixed collection is complete, whether the information of the inspected person is traceable, and whether the transfer box and the second layer container are damaged.

2、 Specimen open

The transfer box should be opened in the core area of biosafety secondary laboratory and the secondary container should be removed. Open the two-layer container in the biosafety cabinet, spray or wipe with 75% ethanol for disinfection, take out the sealed bag, spray or wipe with 75% ethanol reagent for disinfection, and check whether the seal is intact.

3、 Specimen examination

Check whether the virus sampling tube label is consistent with the information in the registration form of mixed sampling. Take out the disposable virus sampling tube, check whether there is damage on the tube wall and leakage at the tube orifice, and spray or wipe with 75% ethanol after confirming that there is no damage or leakage. In case of any damage or leakage, the operation shall be stopped immediately. After covering with absorbent paper, 0.55% chlorine disinfectant shall be used for disinfection. The unqualified products shall be registered and destroyed.

4、 Specimen preservation

The samples that could not be detected in time were stored in a special refrigerator. Samples detected within 24 hours can be stored at 4 ℃. Samples that cannot be detected within 24 hours should be stored at - 70 ℃ or below. If there is no storage condition at - 70 ℃, it should be stored temporarily at - 20 ℃. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Set up special storeroom or counter to keep samples, double lock management.

5、 Transfer container removal

The inner and outer walls of the used two-layer container were wiped and disinfected with 75% ethanol and then removed from the biosafety cabinet.



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