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Requirements for sampling locations collected by disposable virus sampling management enterprises

2021-01-12 H:31:13

The open and well ventilated site was selected as the centralized collection site for large-scale population screening. According to the original site conditions, it is divided into waiting area, collection area, buffer area and temporary isolation area to effectively disperse the density of waiting personnel, and emergency equipment should be set up for standby.

1、 Waiting area

Pedestrian passage and one meter line are set to ensure the safety of waiting personnel. According to the weather conditions, it is equipped with heat preservation, cooling, sunshade, rain shelter and other facilities. The elderly, children, pregnant women and other people with mobility difficulties are preferred.

2、 Collection area

According to the climate conditions, tents, cold / warm fans and appropriate tables and chairs are provided to ensure the medical staff to work in a relatively comfortable environment. Disinfection supplies for collection, swabs and virus sampling tubes shall be provided, and paper towels, vomiting bags and masks shall be prepared for the tested personnel. If the specimens can not be transported to the laboratory in time, they should be stored in 4 ℃ refrigerator or low temperature box. Emergency plans should be formulated to prevent the spread and infection of pathogenic microorganisms.

3、 Buffer

The space should be relatively sealed, so that the collector can replace personal protective equipment, place protective equipment, collection and disinfection equipment, swab and disposable virus sampling tube that match the scale of sampling point, and outdoor killing equipment.

4、 Temporary isolation zone

It is used for temporary isolation of suspected patients or high-risk groups found in the collection process.



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