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Common problems and emergency measures in the use of vacuum blood collection vessel

2021-01-11 H:03:36

Vacuum blood collection, blood collection and yellow blood collection are new products applied in clinical examination in recent years. Because of its simple operation, clean, safe, accurate and reliable, it is widely used in various hospitals. But in the process of clinical use, there are various problems, which affect the smooth collection of specimens. The following is only about the problems we found in the actual operation, analyzes the reasons and proposes improvement measures. When collecting blood, we should still observe the blood inflow from time to time, so as to deal with it.

1、 Hemolysis

Cause: vacuum tube has relatively large negative pressure, blood collection is initial, blood flow into the bottom of the tube is fast, and red blood cells can be hit with each other to cause rupture. Hemolysis is occasionally seen in clinical

Measures: when collecting blood samples, tilt the two-way blood sampling needle to collect the blood vessel side needle, make it close to the side wall of the blood collection, and the blood slowly and slowly flow down the tube wall to avoid the direct impact of red blood cells and cause rupture.

2、 Blood leakage

Cause: the latex sheath at the end of blood collection of two-way blood sampling needle is loose or the needle pricks out the latex sheath, so that the sealing of the two-way blood sampling needle is not tight. When vein puncture, blood leaks out along the end of blood collection needle

Measures: check and tighten the latex sheath before blood collection. If there is a needle prick, the needle shall be re set to keep it airtight.

3、 Blood flow is not smooth

Cause: there was no negative pressure in the needle sticking to the wall of the blood vessel or in the blood vessel.

Measures: on the premise of ensuring the success of venipuncture, adjust the needle direction to the blood flow into the blood collection vessel, and replace the blood collection if it is invalid

4、 Insufficient or excessive blood collection

Reasons: a few of them inevitably have quality problems, and the negative pressure in the blood vessels is insufficient or too high.

Measures: 1. The needle of syringe was punctured from the rubber plug of the blood vessel, and the air in the blood was drawn to form negative pressure to the blood sample. If the original blood volume is less, the blood collection can be replaced directly. 2. Pull out the puncture needle in advanc

5、 Puncture needle out

Cause: mechanical pulling, especially in the blood collection of multiple blood vessels.

Measures: when blood collection is used more at one time, pay attention to effective fixation; when changing blood collection, the action range is small to prevent the needle from falling out and increase the pain of patients



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