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Classification and application of anticoagulant blood collection vessels

2021-01-11 H:51:30

1、 Heparin tube (green cap): heparin is an excellent anticoagulant. It has less interference to blood components, does not affect the volume of red blood cells, and does not cause hemolysis. It is suitable for red blood cell osmotic fragility test, blood gas, plasma osmotic volume, hematocrit, ESR and ordinary biochemical determination

2、 Blood routine tube (purple cap): EDTA combines with calcium ion in blood, so that blood does not coagulate. Generally, 1.0-2.0mg can prevent blood coagulation. This anticoagulant does not affect the count and size of white blood cells, and has the least effect on the morphology of red blood cells. It can inhibit platelet aggregation, and is suitable for general hematological examination. Spray is usually used to make the reagent uniformly attached to the tube wall. It is easy to mix blood samples quickly after sampling.

3、 Hemagglutination tube (blue cap): quantitative liquid sodium citrate anticoagulant buffer was added into the blood collection tube. Anticoagulant is added in the ratio of 1:9 to the rated blood volume. It is used for the examination of coagulation mechanism items (e.g PT.APTT )The anticoagulant principle is to combine with calcium to form soluble calcium complex and make the blood not coagulate. The recommended anticoagulant concentration is 3.2% or 3.8%, which is equivalent to 0.109 or 0.129mo1/l. For blood coagulation test, if the proportion of blood is too low, APTT time will be prolonged, and the result of prothrombin time (PT) will be significantly changed. Therefore, the accuracy of the ratio of anticoagulant to rated blood volume is an important standard to determine the quality of such products.

4、 ESR tube (black cap): the anticoagulant system of blood collection vessel is the same as that of blood collection tube, except that sodium citrate anticoagulant and rated blood collection volume are added in the ratio of 1:4 for ESR examination.

5、 Blood glucose tube (gray): fluoride is added to the vacuum blood collection tube as an inhibitor. Due to the addition of the inhibitor and the special treatment of the inner wall of the tube, the original characteristics of the blood sample are maintained for a long time, and the metabolism of blood cells is basically stagnated. It is widely used in the examination of blood glucose, glucose tolerance, erythrocyte electrophoresis, anti alkali hemoglobin, glucose hemolysis and so on



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