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Correct clinical use of blood collection vessel

2021-01-11 H:19:48

1、 The bottle stopper puncture needle (do not pull out the latex sheath) is vertically inserted into the vacuum tube from the center of the blood collection vessel. If the preset vacuum in the vacuum tube will make the required blood flow into the tube, the blood collection volume should be controlled according to the scale value on the tube wall;

2、 When one tube is collected, the cork puncture needle is pulled out and then inserted into another vacuum blood collection vessel. The repeated operation can realize one needle multi tube blood collection;

3、 Make sure that the blood is mixed correctly with the additive in the tube. After sampling, gently invert the vacuum tube for five to eight times. When the last sampling tube is finished, the needle is removed from the pulse, and the negative pressure in the tube can suck about 0.4ml of blood remaining in the tube into the tube.

4、 The sequence of multi tube blood collection: first draw the common (serum tube), then draw the rapid coagulation tube, and finally draw the anticoagulant tube.



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