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Processing method of new coronavirus nucleic acid detection results sorted out by disposable virus sampling management enterprises

2021-01-12 H:03:29

The qualitative detection report of NCV nucleic acid should include the detection results (positive / negative, undetected / negative), methodology, detection limit, etc.

1、 Result judgment

According to the instructions of the amplification reagents used, the detection results were judged as not detected / negative or detected / positive. If the result is in the gray area, it is recommended to recheck it as the positive result of mixed sampling.

2、 Review of positive results

1. If the mixed sampling test results are positive, the gray area or a single target is positive, the relevant department shall be informed to isolate the 10 subjects in the mixed sampling tube temporarily, and the single tube swab shall be collected again for review.

2. If the nucleic acid test of one-time virus sampling tube is negative, the negative result will be reported. Temporary isolation personnel will be released from isolation, if the test results are positive, report according to the procedure.



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