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Elastic mechanism of elastic bandage

2021-01-12 H:34:16

The elastic sources of elastic bandage are as follows:

1、 A wrapped yarn with elastic filament or elastic fiber and cotton fiber in woven, knitted or nonwoven materials. Elastic bandages are made of elastic bare silk (such as lwera. PET), core spun yarn, wrapped yarn or twisted yarn.

2、 Based on the principle of latent elasticity produced by compression spring, through the reasonable and scientific design of yarn and fabric, the loose weave structure is used to produce elasticity. The strong twist of warp yarn is the key to the good elasticity of fabric, because the strong internal stress of strong twist yarn and the untwisting moment in the same direction with the twist direction cause the yarn to knot and twist in the relaxed state. The warp length of fabric in the relaxed state and tension state is very different, which can meet the needs of elasticity

3、 The finishing of elastic bandage is usually done by damp heat, which can improve the elasticity and thermal stability of fabric. In heat moisture setting, steam can act as a heat carrier. At the same time, due to the existence of pressure, water vapor molecules can quickly penetrate the fiber structure, destroy the intermolecular bonding, and achieve the effect of shrinkage setting. The existence of steam does not seem to improve the elasticity of the fabric. At the same time, it makes the fabric on the bandage surface compact and thick, increases the water absorption and improves the application performance.

4、 The elastic bandage made from nonwovens is usually made by compounding elastic silk or elastic film with nonwovens. When the elastic silk or elastic film is stretched, nonwovens are laid on one or both sides of it. The composite elastic material is reinforced by chemical bonding or physical bonding, and then the elastic bandage is made by later processing

5、 The cylinder elastic bandage is made by using the elasticity of knitted fabric or adding a certain amount of elastic silk. For example, a kind of elastic bandage with warp knitted mesh structure is composed of several braided chains and equal amount of elastic warp.




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