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EDTA Tube K3

2021-03-04 09:38:29
EDTA Tube K3
Detailed introduction:

EDTA Tube is widely used in clinical heamatology as well as various kinds of blood cell test instruments. It makes use of EDTA K2/EDTA K3 as anticoagulant. Meanwhile,it offers a comprehensive protection for blood cell,especially for protecting the blood platelet,so that it can effectively stop the gathering of blood platelet and makes the form and volume of blood cell uninfluenced in a long time.We've adopted international advanced technology:eternal isotonic physical efferectively keep the additive level constant in the long-team;quantitative spray diffuses the additive fully,quickly and evenly,thus mixing uniformly with blood sample;plas-minogen activator has solved the normal inspection problems of hypercoagulable state patient.EDTA tube can be used in direct sampling analyzers without actually being opened. 


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